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Transcription Services

Choose qmtindia for transcription services

Why choose

We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff. All the work goes through two to three stages of screening so as to make it as perfect as possible. Our staff is trained to not only type/enter the data as per a format, but to further analyze the data so as to catch any errors which might have originated as the source of origin.

We will assist you according to your specific requirements, whether it is server-based data processing, offline data entry, online/offline typing, formatting of pretyped documents, editing, data analysis, etc.

Our firm, set up by young and qualified professionals, has the technical expertise and creativity that can address every outsourcing requirement of yours.

About us

The firm is co-owned by Dr. Deepali Sinha and Dr. John J. Sinha, both medical school graduates from North Bengal Medical College, Darjeeling, India. The firm’s office is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Siliguri, India.

Dr. Deepali Sinha is the first Career Step graduate from India (with high honors in August 2001). After working in a few medical transcription companies in India, she and her husband, John, set up their own service in 2001. Together, they head a team of industrious, versatile, and energetic quality typists, editors, and proof-readers who have been consistently providing quality work to clients across the globe.


Being trained physicians themselves, gives them a better understanding of the work and the needs of professionals like physicians and lawyers and the industry.

More about us

Dr. Deepali Sinha is also a dedicated homemaker and likes to spend time with her two children. She paints in her free time and has a passion for yoga!

Dr. John J. Sinha is an avid outdoors person, being a runner and hiker and has participated in a number of running events in India and abroad. He is also a technology enthusiast and has been a guest author for Chip Magazine (one of India’s leading computer magazines).

Deepali, John and their two children share their home with lovable pets.

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